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      劉漢根的前半生   2009.10.8 之回憶    The Mind, and  Early Life of  H Kan Lau 

      英文是西方羅輯文字,傳統漢字是東方心靈結晶的文字: 兩者一併共用,相亙相承,是21世紀羅輯心靈交叉亙動的好用文字

                The Model of LIFE, to Interpret Knowledge & Human Pre History

       LIFE time efforts to investigate the information control nature of Human, and

                 to accumulate findings and results with Western logics &  legacy of the Eastern mind

                To fully comprehend this Summary requires pre-requisite reading to base on the nature according to the Model of Life  :

Dissemination and discussion on the subject of  Knowledge Base versus Natural Intelligence requires some common background and multi-cultural experiences.  Presentation

in this website was addressed to the the target peers growing up in the 1950s to the 1960s  at Diocesan Boys School, at McGill University in the late 1960 and at the University of

Toronto during  1970-1974, sharing the common bi-cultural background from Hong Kong.   This sector might have the better chance of sharing similar acquired English & Chinese

knowledge bases in the head , but with diversified,  inherited family intelligence bases of millions and millions of  generations, in the  heart.     

 Last editing: 2014.02.28

                     With Natural Intelligence in our   Minds using the Model of LIFE, to Interpret Knowledge 


       I. Knowledge Base  & Natural Intelligence

                 Human knowledge models were made on human's perceptions on what has been happening on the world and universe surrounding us. Students

             at schools and  universities had used to acquire the off-line knowledge base as truism and rules of thumbs to view themselves in the world as such

            and manage themselves   thereafter.

             Since the 1960s, as information control and telecommunications technologies by using digital computers, traditional reliance on Knowledge base as

             deterministic model for decision making had began to give place to real time information and frequently updated model of the system being monitored.

             As most of the human Knowledge models had been based on assumptions and logical deductions, and need to be updated as more information come

             into place, real time update would be ideal.     

             Natural Intelligence, as human real time instinct udates, had been conveyed by the information dynamics of  「太極」,「道,德」 & 「精,氣,神」  .

           「靈通」,「神通」,「靈犀」,「緣份」etc, all convey the information sharing properties of entangle particles.                         


   Silicon Based Jades containing the historical "entangles particles":   LIFE  Information Database

Since 1967, after I came in contact with Electro Magnetic Wave propagations in transmitting and receiving information, I was convinced interactions of our minds

with the outside world had been governed by natural forces. During  1970-1974,  I worked on Adaptive Optimal Information Control Systems in applications to controlling

econometric models. Afterwards, I began to apply that control model structure to navigate my life's journey. After returning to Hong Kong in 1977, I traced our family tree,

from 漢高祖劉邦,漢文帝,漢景帝,中山靖王劉勝..........劉傋与益州吳夫人之子劉永,.........宋朝末年潮州總鎮劉開七之後 . In addition,;劉邦之先祖可

追蹤至唐堯帝家族之舟朱,及軒轅「黃帝」族群. 軒轅「黃帝」之先祖乃「三皇」; and hence the inherited inner intelligent information bases had been traceable

linearly from them since human races began on the Tibetan/Qinghai Plateau where human dinosaurs prospered before the Indian and Arabic Landmasses collided to our


                    Historical Information : Origins of Human Races & Scripts


令我可以与我心靈中的遠祖遺下的記憶,一併重溫重組人類,及文字的起源与發展.In the process, the Chinese cultural origins uncovered itself. Our hearts

contains the information seedlings inherited at birth, that has been responsible in generating so much 緣份粒子(entangled particles) that have been responsible

in connecting the 緣份people and recovered the 緣份 unearthed jades, in finally recovering the Pre Historic records carved in Jades and those stored deep in the 

minds of the 緣份people.

This website records the findings resulting from my full time devotions since 2002 in analyzing my inner mind in connection with the traceable unearthed artifacts,

assisted by modern digital photography since 2004.  On-line internet tools had provided information searching, sharing and presentations, in unveiling the human

pre history.


                  The Information Connectivities: 

The success of proving the information sharing properties of entangled particles in applying quantum computation, has provided us a closing link among,

「心裡的明鏡」, entangled particles,「糾纏粒子」, 「因緣粒子」, 「太極」, 「神靈」, 「神通」.   The information controls of such phenomenon are

now crystal clear by scientific evidences and models.  This will close the gaps between  the material world as practiced  by the European West since the Renaissance,

the Newtonian mechanical world or the Maxwell world of Electro Magnetic until the beginning of the 21st Century.

Hong Kong has been the breeding place for seeds to germinate  in vitalizing the ancient mental model of the mind, as well as applying the Adaptive Optimal Information

Control Model formulated in the 1970s to incorporate the dynamics of the ancient model of        「太極」,「道,德」 & 「精,氣,神」  with the modern

model structure of Information Age model of our converging world.



I.  Model of Life   The real time dynamics of the above model of LIFE was finally completely verified by equating 「太極」with entangled particles.

     Quantum computing experimentation has experimentally proven the instantaneous information sharing properties of entangled particles placed at distant

     space apart. The multiple repeatable experimental results were reminded to me by Dr Yung Tin Gun, my Diocesan Boys School 1963 classmate.

i.  「太極」,「道,德」 & 「精,氣,神」 had been the very old aged model practiced by the families of the  三皇五帝.

ii.  Adaptive Optimal Information Control Model of LIFE
is a 21st century
"information control model" of LIFE,

    by utilizing  a more complete information control model to incorporate information probing in updating the knowledge on the system,

     adapting objective, and implementing optional strategies as they come along as life progresses.  This is an implementation model

     I had utilized from 1970-1974, in simulating economic optimal policies at the same time as updating the econometric model as new

     market information measurement became available.

     I have adapted this mode of personal behavior  after returning to Hong Kong in 1977.  Most of the earlier years were spent in

     trying to know the systems around me in the mental interplays in my mind.     

 I-1. Model  of LIFE (West meeting the East )  :  「太極」,「道,德」 & 「精,氣,神」:                    劉漢根2014.02.14

The following Applications & Findings have been made by me using this LIFE Model. The scientific verifications of workings of this model,
were completed by Quantum Computing Experiments, Silicon based Information Technologies, as well as the information mappings abilities
of the entangled particles released from the Unearthed pre historic Sculptural Jades, Silicon based "entangled particles" (「因緣粒子」)
media from 新彊,和田 Xingjian, Hetian, China.    

 I-2.  Adaptive Optimal Information Control Model of LIFE will be a modern version of LIFE:

        After working on research and applications of Adaptive Optimal Information Control System fro 1979-1974 at
 The University of Toronto,  I began to plan & operate my life according to the dynamics of this model.


  I-3.    Science, Technologies, Spirituality, Religions, Money & Liberal Arts



 II.            Applications & Findings:

           The following were developed by applying the Model of LIFE on real time basis, by using the information
    mapping of entangled particles in retrieving and consolidating the information across time and space. 

 II-1.    Looking Back from 2014:

           Why it happened, and how it happened

  II-1.   Silicon based Hardware:

Origins of Human Races:         

                 The information sharing irrespective of time and space, of "Entangled  particles" of me and the unearthed Jade sculptures and scripts
had been common among the 三皇五帝 family members,  including me in making the connections possible . As I found out in the 1980s,
              I had been a member of the royal family of the
三皇五帝, I had been a very strong urge within me since 1986, to find out where I came
              from and what happened to the historical records  before the documentation of 史記 recorded by 史馬遷?
              There were four major regions fro which the pre historical artifacts connected themselves at my place: 
              1. Tibetan/Qinghai/Xiangjiang/Gangsu,  2. TaWun, Lower Yangtze & River Delta, Shangdong  3. Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Hebei,   
              4. The Central Plains: Shaanxi, Shanxi, HeNam
                  They encompasses the  human history from the very early Neolithic age  from 11,000 years ago to the Han dynasty of about the time

                   The following imperial  collection had been unique in their contents of  有緣粒子,spiritual contents beyond values of arts, reflecting
                continuous pre history in four major regions of China, and the continuity of the 三皇五帝cultures lasting from the early Neolithic age
                to the 漢高祖劉邦's Han Dynasty. The completeness and depth of the collection encompassing the pre history is
unseen of from any
                public museum in the world, including those from the Beijing and Taipei Imperial Museums. 

          1.    從新彊出土這一坑的墨玉石雕刻


          2.     岀土的「神器」   我們是龍的傳人」与「龍」,「鳳」意的揭繞:  


          3.    出土三皇五帝時期或之前玉石雕刻:


          4.    原生態岀土的和田料玉器:


          5 .   從各區域出土從各區域出土,揭示岀史前先人從新彊向東遷徒的足跡与路線揭示岀史前先人從新彊向東遷徒的足跡与路線


          6.    新彊/甘肅出土,三皇五帝之前的刻契圖畫与文字:

          6-1. 新彊/甘肅出土,三皇五帝之前的刻契在泀磨源玉石上圖畫与文字:



            6-3.  新彊/甘肅出土,刻契在原玉版上的圖畫与文字(2)


          6-4.  新彊/甘肅出土,刻契在玉版上的圖畫与文字(3)


          6-5.  新彊/甘肅出土的玉圭,已是由單字根文字發展至多字根陽刻文字 :



          6-6.  新彊/甘肅出土,刻契在玉兵器上的文字:


       II-1-2.  TaWu & Lower Yangtze River : Birthplace of The Three Emperor      

                1.      三皇五帝白種人,高鼻子,長臉孔祖先的來源:
: 以下這一坑和田玉類玉器,是太湖地區原生態從水中出土:

                1-2.   高鼻子的三皇起源之太湖地區:發現了高鼻子的南京""人化石始於60萬年前 (2013-06-25 08:41:51)

                2.    太湖地區出土之三皇時期或之前的陰刻契文字 


                3.   最早期用和田白玉刻契的太湖「鳥文」


                4.   三皇斧燧氏,太昊氏,太炎氏文字




                6.    軒轅蒼頡五帝之前及五帝時期之太湖東夷族人陰刻契文字;這些玉琮還是繼續三皇斧燧氏,太昊氏及太炎氏族的傳統, 


                7.     太湖地區出土的陰刻契少字根文字之句子;是傳說中「蒼頡書」的出土玉琮版本


                8.     太湖東夷圖騰文字                     


                9.    鳥与玉魚文字:


                10.   太湖玉璽文字:


                11.  太湖常熟,孔子南方弟子之論語玉琛,之陰刻篆書文字:


         II-1-3. Inner Mongolia, Liaoning & Hebei  內蒙,遼寧,河北:

          1.   內蒙西邊出土的一坑:記錄著北方人自恐龍演變過來的過程 (2013-05-30 19:11:41)


               2.   遼寧出土的抽象的恐龍頭,是最早期的「玉缺」:     


               3.  內蒙,遼寧 & 河北出土,早期玉雕刻的恐龍,人類恐龍,鳥人,厚唇人,東方的早期人:


               4. 內蒙,遼寧 & 河北出土,早期玉雕刻的玉璽文字:


              5.  軒轅前後之兵器:


              6.  軒轅前後銅玉兵器共用時代之銅兵器:


              7.  河北出土,軒轅与蚩尤族群之戰,東夷族人陰刻文字玉兵器:


          II-1-4. Central Plains Carved Scripts before and after Huangdi & Cangjie Scripts

                  4-1.  軒轅黃帝蒼頡篆書: 出土的蒼頡一眾玉瓶陽刻契文字,中原洛陽与新鄭郊區山洞裡找到;


                 4-1-2.   出土的蒼頡一眾玉瓶陽刻契文字


                 4-1-3.  以下是新鄭出土,二米高的玉琮蒼頡陽刻契文字:



                 4-1-4.  1.3米高大玉瓶,75公斤至100公斤重,請大家研究一下這兩個半米直徑 的玉瓶蓋上的文字,是否與軒轅有闡關


                4-2.      軒轅蒼頡及一眾吏官統一北方場陽刻文字与東夷族人的陰刻文字, 美化後,成為蒼頡早期的篆書;



                4-3. 陝西/山西之間出土軒轅蒼頡及五帝前陽刻文字:





                4-4.     堯舟朱家族篆書



                4-5.   堯舜禹時期的銅銘篆書


                4-6. 「殷商」的始祖源於太湖三皇,是軒轅黃帝黃帝正妃高皇后嫘祖的大兒子玄囂孫子帝嚳之次子「契」;

                4-6-1. 以下是「契」家族,源自三皇高鼻長臉的樣子,及至「殷商」時,還有沿用著的玉器及文字的風格




                4-6-2. 以下我們搜集到的典型代表性的殷商玉琮陰刻篆書文字:




           II-1-5. 五帝時期是玉銅共用時期:
  五帝堯舜禹時期玉銅並用時的銅銘文    駱賓基 (張璞君   1917-1994
                          「金文新考」1974 初稿 1984定稿


                    5-1.    五帝玉銅並用至商西周及春秋戰國時期銅器文字:


                 5-1-1.    鍛打銅器文字:

                 5-1-2.    早期鍛打銅器文字:


                 5-1-3.    鍛打(像模鑄造)銅器(手打)文字:


                 5-1-4.    鍛打銅器文字:


                 5-2.       模鑄造銅器文字:


                 5-3.        鎏金器及銅器文字         

                 5-3-1.     鍛打鎏金器文字:


                 5-3-2.     鍛打鎏金器文字:


                 5-3-3.     陝


                 5-3-4.    甘肅天水岀土,秦祖先烏人鍛打鎏金器的神靈: