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    Deterministic offline Classical Science models will give way to real time Quantum Information Control Models:
                     Deductions by Logic with the head have to be used discriminately in co-ordination with the heart/mind in detecting natural truism

           As more popular on-line real time information & control devices are encroaching us at 4G, 5G platforms, and the foreseeable development
           of ultra fast 
quantum computers, the existing knowledge bases will not be suitable for the younger generations except for training programmable
           robots to be dictated by encompassing automatic  systems of the corporations and the governments.
           The current curriculum of our education system base don off-line knowledge models will not be suitable to enlighten future leaders in any field,
           nor the governmental sectors.
           We have to mobilize and reactivate our emphasize the real time positive uses of the human minds.
           Considerations of the followings are significant to overhaul their contents of the programs and implications away from the 20th century,  while
           we still lived in the mainly manual driven society.        

           The 21st Century is opening up to release us from the bondage of the dogmatic classical science deterministic models. 

           1. Is Ancestral Worshiping superstition ?

           2. What is the Quantum Information Control Model of 「佛」,「道」,「聖三一」(Buddha, Dao, & Holy Trinity) ?

           3. What are the Quantum Information Control Model interpretations of 「儒」, the doctrines of ConFuTze ?

           4. What are Liberalism, and Democracy doctrines in the view of Quantum Information Control ?   

           5. How to guide your children or grand children going through the out dated curriculum of schools and universities ?
               Or, alternatively not going through them all ?

           6. Money:
               What is money for ?  What are the choices ?
               What is the meaning and purpose of excessive accumulation of money?

           7. What is "LIFE" from the perspectives of Quantum Information Control Modeling ?

           8. Who are you? How to make uses of yourself ?

           9. How to accumulate 有緣粒子 and for what purpose ? 
               What or who do you wish to connect or liaise with your accumulated
有緣粒子 ?

           10. What are the basis of Western knowledge models?
                 Assumptions, postulations, logical deductions and conclusions......... 
                 Does Logics works with nature ?

           11. The universe is interconnected by " entangled particles":
                 Are we effective in dictating our own human wishes in terms of doctrines in the midst of those encompassing
                 "entangled particles" surrounding us ?

           12.  Do we have choices in Life ?
                  In case one is fortunate to have options of choices, what are the priorities ?
                  How to plan and act ?

           13. Unearthed pre historical cultural jades:
                  How to make uses of the pre historical information contents from the Entangles Particles of the Unearthed Cultural Jades ?
                  Interacting among themselves located in the same location;
                  Interacting with the owner whose ancestors were related to those cultural jades, such that  the chain reactions of the 「太極陰陽粒子」or the
                  entangled particles continue to generate and spread the information contents among the unearthed cultural jades and their current owner.  

           14. Structure of Western Intellectual Models:

                 1.Scope of Model 2. Assumptions  3. Logical Deductions 4. Conclusions..........................

                 All the western intellectual models have been guess models, for dissertations only and practical applications.
                 They were not meant for as equivalents of reality.

           15 Uses of real time intelligence from the inner mind/heart in distinguishing  the use of human knowledge models

           16. ................................